Our Green Initiative

Fun Paw Care is an animal and earth-loving vegan company. Being vegan has by far, the greatest positive impact a human can have on the environment, and there is no greater way to lower your carbon footprint on the planet we are renting. Additionally, being vegan is the greatest way to love all animals, not to discriminate and to practice compassion for all sentient beings. If loving animals and taking care of our planet sound like something you would like to participate in, please visit our Resources page under the “ADVOCACY/VEGANISM” section.

Fun Paw Care uses biodegradable poop bags, organic treats, and shampoos, phosphate-free cleaning supplies, BPA free plastic toys and bowls, recycled paper, paperless agreements, and is extremely conscious of our carbon footprint. We do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners in our home to irritate your dog’s sensitive nose.

When using aromatherapy for pets, all of our candles are 100% organic soy/vegetable based and paraffin free!  We use cotton wicks and never use metal core or lead wicks! All of the oils we use in our candles and our essential oils are pure, natural, and organic therapy-grade essential oils. Your dog’s olfactory glands will thank you.

We are active in our community beach cleaning and park cleaning volunteer organizations and are proactive and activists about bringing awareness to our pet families and community members. We strive to make the world safer and cleaner one paw at a time for pets and their humans.

Tips on going green.

How to and why dispose of your pet’s poop?

Leave nothing but footprints

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