Is My Dog Obese


Is Dog Obesity a Crime?  I am not averse to providing my opinion on many subjects pertaining to the voiceless crowd (AKA, animals) so how is it that feeding ones pet non-stop (“Obie” the morbidly obese Dachshund), at the pet’s demand and will, is considered responsible?  What is “the line” that is crossed when transitioning from a loving parent to an irresponsible one?


Those clues may be difficult to ascertain from the overfeeding pet parents perspective but not from a responsible owners eyes.  Is it punishable for one to feed their dog or cat all the time or whenever the pet looks at you with their sultry eyes or cries every time you go to the table to eat something.


You must reevaluate your decisions and choices to come to the truth about what is really occurring here.  Why did you get a pet and agree to become the parent and guardian of this life to begin with?  Were you considering the health and happiness of the animals?  Did you take an oath to take care of your pet and be a responsible pet owner through education for both you and your pet?  In our dog training Miami and South Florida sessions we witness a lot of egregious behavior toward pets.


Once again, responsibility is a topic we touch on often here at Fun Paw Care.  How can a society enforce responsibility?  Or is it not enforceable?  Should a pet owner’s parent/s be required by law or other means, to be a responsible parent?  More importantly, what does responsibility mean to you and is it a right or a privilege to be the guardian for a pet?


Why Are Animal Abusers Allowed To Own Pets?


Here at Fun Paw Care, we believe strongly that pet ownership is a privilege and not a right!  With that said, there must be some basic ground rules and or regulations to ensure that pets get treated with the utmost of respect and responsibility.


How May We Implement Responsibility And Dog Training Rules? 


To start, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.  One of the hallmarks of this test is not only to ensure your dog is safe, well trained and tempered in public, but also to ensure that the owner is a responsible human being.  Responsibility entails, taking your pet to receive annual veterinarian checkups, grooming, cleanliness, health and nutrition, daily clean fresh water, adequate shelter, cleaning up after your pet, actively providing exercise and dog training for your pet…etc. In other words, responsibility means not being selfish.  When you are selfish to your pet you only provide what is therapeutic for you, such as hugs and kisses for your pet which make you feel good, but not necessarily your pet.  If you are anthropomorphizing your pet by providing endless food and treats for them at the slightest whim and you neglect their exercise, dog training, education and what your dog or cats sense of fulfillment is all about, you are abusing your pet and are an irresponsible dog or cat owner.  Anthropomorphizing your pet is one of the greatest dangers to the health and wellbeing of your dog or cat in that they either die from health problems or are returned to the shelters to be killed because of inadequate dog training and education.


What Can Be Done


There are many paths communities can take to ensure pets are matched up with the most responsible pet guardians.  Pet registries are now becoming socially acceptable and more popular as seen in New York and other municipalities.  Banning puppy mills, back yard breeders and all unethical and immoral pet stores and online companies and people selling dogs and cats that put profit before the wellbeing and health of the pets is another way to stop the endless cycle of abuse.  PS: No ethical breeder would ever sell a dog or cat in a store or online!  If you bought your dog or cat online or from a store, you have bought from a puppy mill and you are part of the problem.  As Eldridge Cleaver and Charles Rosner opined, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.  Ignorance is NOT an excuse.  As the late great Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”


CGC titles are becoming more commonplace and hopefully office buildings, apartment buildings, co-op boards, Home Owner Associations and landlords will start implementing this de minimis standard for all dogs and owners.  Let society wean out the irresponsible dog owners and reward the positive, caring, responsible ones.  The programs are in place, now we need consciousness and the adoption of these policies in the mainstream.  Instead of demonizing breeds and dogs such as “Pit Bulls” and “Obie” the morbidly obese Dachshund, make a positive difference.  Let us demand that media start to make a positive difference by educating the public not at the expense of a beautiful sentient pet but at the expense of an irresponsible guardian and why they were allowed to own a dog to begin with.  We ask the question, where is the responsibility?  What do you think is the answer?


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