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There are a very few times in life when you get to meet a hero. Dr. Jane Goodall is thrice a hero of humanity, animals and the environment. When she came to Miami and asked if Fun Paw Care would work with Roots & Shoots to choose a charity of my choice to deliver her handmade dog tug toys to, I had to pinch myself and was at a loss for words. One caveat, in full disclosure, I have to admit I have a little huge crush on Dr. Goodall so if over the top, lavish, superfluous, unabashed appraisal make you queasy you may want to stop reading here. 🙂  To work with a world class global ambassador, humanitarian, saint and such a beautiful person is a privilege and won’t be an experience I soon forget.


Dr. Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace & Russell Hartstein

Dr. Goodall is not only considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, but her and her team at Roots & Shoots, like I, have a passion for not only chimpanzees but all animals, education, the environment  and have a special place in their heart for homeless dogs. They selflessly hand-make, deliver and donate these toys to homeless dogs in every country and towns she speaks in. At a vivacious 79 years young, Jane travels an astonishing 300 days of the year and is a citizen of the world. She spreads the word and energy of peace, compassion, inspiration and love. Her vigor, energy, passion and kindness are palpable and radiates to all that have the pleasure of meeting her. Her hand selected team is equally passionate and caring.

Dr. Jane Goodall at home

Some of the many honors Dr. Jane Goodall has earned over the years include the medal of Tanzania, Japan’s Kyoto Prize, the French Legion of Honor, in 2002 she was appointed to serve the United Nations Messenger of Peace and in 2003 she was named a Dame of the British Empire. Her list of accomplishments read as the holy grail of humanity and goes on and on and reveals the potential of all humans to aspire and achieve in peace and harmony with animals and the environment/nature. She continues to inspire hope, peace, change, warmth and compassion for all animals and the environment. I cannot vaunt enough about Dr. Goodall (and her playful sense of humor) and her wonderful team. Fun Paw Care is honored to work with Jane to deliver the dog toys that she and her team so graciously made for homeless dogs.


Dr. Jane Goodall and Russell Hartstein demonstrating her hand made tug toy 🙂


Fun Paw Care will be presenting the Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots foundation donation to the Miami Dade Animal Shelter where more than 20,000 dogs and cats are killed each year! I’m sure Jane would support you going out and fostering, rescuing, adopting or sponsoring a homeless sentient loving being just waiting to change your life for the better.

Jane Goodall Humanitarian

From my heart and everyone at Fun Paw Care and the homeless pets throughout the world we wish Jane and the Roots & Shoots organization a heartfelt thank you!

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Alex Muñoz, Executive Director, Miami-Dade Animal Services

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