Moving With a Dog or Cat

How important is a dog resume or CV, curriculum vitae? If you live in Miami, New York or most major metropolitan cities, VERY. What?! I can hear you asking, why is a dog resume necessary? If you want to live with your dog, cat or pet, a resume is critical to tilt the scales in your favor at being warmly accepted into a condominium, house or cooperative apartment building.

What to do When You Move With a Dog or Cat?

Parents dog training in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and most densely populated cities understand why a well behaved dog is so important. City dogs do not have the luxury of space, quiet, or predictable environments and are crammed in close quarters, dense populations, vicissitudes of city life and abundant, novel, unfamiliar stimuli that are often stressful which can lead a dog up the ladder of aggression: fear, anxiety, phobia and dog bites.

Dog adder_Aggression

Los Angeles homeowner association (HOA) and New York Cooperative (Co-op) boards are notorious for being extremely difficult and even discriminate against many dog sizes, weight, breeds, and dog ages. I, nor any educated professional, agrees with breed discrimination legislation (BSL) or any form of discrimination, (speciesism) however, these laws still exist, and an informed, intelligent, responsible pet parent will work with a force-free educated dog trainer and learn how to train their dog in basic obedience and work on any canine behavior quirks or problems your pup may have way before you are looking to move.

As you can imagine, separation anxiety, aggression, house soiling, barking, loud, under enriched, under-stimulated, undersocialized dogs do not make for harmonious, copasetic neighbors. A tenant, or family may be evicted and fined by their co-op or condo board if your dog has behavior problems. It is incumbent upon a pet parent to be responsible and to educate themselves and their puppy with the most up-to-date science-based ethology and dog training knowledge from a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), Certified Professional Dog Trainer and member of the force-free, Pet Professional Guild (PPG), or veterinarian behaviorist and to serve as ambassadors for their mongrel, or pure breed. A role model dog and parent will be an attractive asset to a building and homeowner association so they may relax their discriminatory rules and policies. Many insurance policies and building bylaws exist because too many pet parents are irresponsible and do not seek professional dog training advice from reputable sources and may not realize that training and learning is a lifelong process, not an event. Going to a few dog training obedience classes or a behavior modification session is neither sufficient nor conducive to a learned dog or parent.

How to Find a Dog-Friendly Apartment?

Dog-friendly apartment buildings are challenging to find but can be easier to find than you think. Some cities are more difficult than others, however finding a building requires the same diligence. I would seek out friends with dogs. Dog parks have many dog parents that may be resourceful. Some websites, Craigslist and Zillow, allow you to specify dog, cat or pet-friendly apartments which are very helpful when searching for pet-friendly buildings in LA, New York, and most metropolitan areas. Dog training classes, dog trainers, veterinarians, dog groomers, dog food stores may all have people that may be able to tell you where pet-friendly apartments are located. Some real estate brokers also specialize in placing pets and parents into a dog and cat-friendly apartment. However, more often than not, condominium and co-op buildings require dog parents to have a dog resume for their pup. A dog cover letter and resume should look very similar to the one you would make for yourself if you were applying for a job. It is a brilliant way to advertise and market your qualities why a job, but in this case, a building, would want to have you and your pet occupy the same building, common space, and community where they already reside. The cover letter and resume for your dog should look professional and the same structure as you would make for yourself. You will want to prepare the resume, letter and any certifications, awards, accolades or letters of reference from dog trainers, behaviorists, past neighbors, landlords, authority figures…etc., way before you would be interviewed and are ready to present to the homeowner, broker, or building apartment boards.

A building that accepts dogs may call you in for an interview with your dog, to make sure that your dog’s resume is in line with your dog’s behavior. All of the following would be red flags to buildings evaluating your family dog.

  • If you claimed you have a service dog that was not spayed or neutered or if you didn’t have a disability.
  • Your Canine Good Citizen (CGC) dog would not be running around the interview room, be checked-out, barking at others,  showing any fearful or skittish body language.
  • A dog who goes potty in the interview, poop or pee.
  • A dog who is jumping on others and ignoring their parent.

It goes without saying that, growling, cold, hard stares, stiff bodies, hackles piloerected, pulling on the leash, shock collars, electric collars, choke chains, prong collars, lunging, snapping, biting, unruly dogs, who cannot control themselves are all indicative of an ill-behaved dog and an irresponsible pet parent who has not taken the time to educate themselves and their dog and build a strong bond between them built on education, understanding, and communication. These are all red flags that a savvy apartment building board will take note of.

Where are Dog-Friendly Apartments? 

Any really. There is no “type,” age or location of a building that is more or less likely to accept a dog or breed of dog. It is simply trial and error and finding the right fit for building and community. However, buildings in more underdeveloped areas (pre-gentrified) or that are looking to attract new tenants and fill apartments may be laxer with their pet rules and policies than well-established, high-end real estate co-op and condo buildings. This is simply anecdotal observations and empirically speaking, not fact. Your mileage may vary.

Dog Cover Letter Sample

Dear Home Owners Association/ Co-op Board,

Please consider Fluffy for inclusion in the Dakota. As you will see from her resume and her extensive training with Fun Paw Care, Canine Good Citizen designation and her multiple obedience awards, she is an exemplary dog that provides love and affection to everyone she meets. She is a role model in her dog obedience classes and was featured in DOGUE’s, February Cover Girl Issue. Her profile picture is attached although a personal interview would better show off her stature, temperament, and affability to all nonhuman and human animals. I am sure she will bring smiles to your faces as you pass her whimsically frolicking in the hallway on the way out to relieve herself outside like a good girl! Her unmistakable saunter can be detected from afar, and when she sees you, she glows with glee.

She will make even the most seasoned curmudgeon break a smile and have a wonderful day.


Proud pet parents,

President George H.W. and Barbara Bush

Dog Cover Letter PDF

Sample Dog Resume/ CV Curriculum Vitae Good Example 


Dogs Name: Fluffy Bush III

George H.W. and Barbara Bush, pet parents

123 Lincoln Road

Miami Florida, Florida 33139

(305) 555-5555

[email protected]

Fluffy Bush III English Bulldog

Fluffy Bush III


Fluffy is an affable, amiable, vivacious, youngster who is accustomed to long walks on the beach at sunset, upscale dog treats, with an affinity for freeze-dried liver, loves apartment living, is highly socialized and very quiet. She is extremely friendly, and prefers tummy rubs to head patting and loves a good tickle behind the ears. Caveat: she may fall asleep in your lap, and she does snore on occasion. She is very friendly and maintains a beautiful disposition and temperament. She is not too independent or dependent but perfectly balanced in-between. She has impeccable behavior and enjoys a nice sip of Fiji water after a romp with her boyfriends in the park. Don’t worry though, she’s no hussy and far from a strumpet. She won’t be bringing all the boys to the yard at crazy hours. And don’t worry, because she is already spayed, she will not be having any puppies of her own. Spaying benefits not only her health but her behavior as well.  She has a strict bedtime and loves her routine. She is in bed by 9 PM snoring ever so gently which is perfect white noise for our family. She occasionally has flatulence but always runs away after she passes gas as her way of excusing herself. Gas only occurs after her meals which occur twice daily or through dog training while out on her walks. No knowledgeable pet parent uses dog food bowls any longer, that’s old hat. We have a dog walker come daily to provide her much needed exercise and stimulation. We work with a force-free, dog trainer because we believe education shouldn’t hurt and is a lifelong pursuit and dogs learn every second.

Health and Grooming

Fluffy is a short haired beauty. She has beautiful almond shaped brown eyes, and her hair smells like cinnamon.

She rarely sheds, loves getting professionally groomed biweekly and groomed by us daily. She is up-to-date on her vaccinations and free of ticks, fleas, and mites. She has a microchip, and it is up-to-date as well. She receives regular health checkups at the veterinarian’s office. Our dog loves bubble baths and smells delicious. She gets bathed once every two weeks because of her oily skin and loves her tubby time because we line the tub with peanut butter before her bathtub and she licks as we scrub a dub dub. She stays in the tub so long she gets pruney paws. Classical conditioning works like a charm, thanks, Ivan Pavlov! We are sure not to poison her cue when we use “come” or other cues as we have learned from our highly educated certified dog behavior consultant.

Fluffy adores lavender scented soy candles with all cotton wicks (no lead or kinds of paraffin for this rotund, bespeckled girl), stuffed Kong toys with organic, non-GMO peanut butter and Nina Ottosson puzzles. She is very environmentally friendly and insists on using biodegradable poop bags, a hemp leash, collar and a front attaching harness as not to affect her delicate neck, trachea and our beautiful planet. She is very courteous to neighbors and their pet dogs and always asks politely and calmly to sniff other dogs’ rear ends to get to know them better. She loves reading her peemail on nearby fire hydrants and trees. Unlike my ex-girlfriend, she is not pushy, aggressive or a thief. She doesn’t steal food off of the table and waits patiently and calmly on her dog bed for her stuffed food toy which she delicately extracts the goodies the house chef concocts for her daily.

Shhhh, a lady never tells her age, so I will. Don’t tell Fluffy but she is a 4-year-old English Bulldog but acts much more mature for her age. People guess she maybe two because of her beautiful shiny coat and spry, bouncy gate. Her grace is well beyond her years, and she oddly reminds me of Jackie O. She clearly has an old soul and is a diva at heart.

Fluffy drools on occasion, never because of desperation, gasp, but her breed. We always carry Chanel baby wipes to wipe her lady parts when she comes back inside the house. A lady can never be too clean down below. We also clean her many love wrinkles and massage her daily. An English Bulldog requires more maintenance (like my ex) than other breeds.  She gets bloated at full moons as well.

Dog Attire

Fluffy only wears couture clothes handmade for her statuesque, bulbous physique. Her elliptical waistline tends to put on a few pounds at the holidays (like me) and has to have her clothes altered at the dog salon and tailor. She likes to wear accouterments that highlight her deep brown soulful eyes such as a pink ribbon that makes her coat pop. She is not averse to wearing sweaters when it is cold or boots when the ice, snow, and salt build-up in our chateau in Aspen. Puparazzi sometimes catch her donning her seasonal garb which varies depending on her mood, the season and the weather patterns.

English Bull Dog in a Tie Moving

Fluffy trying on dad’s tie

Dog Training and Behavior

Fluffy was adopted by us from Miami Dade Animal Services where she was trained by the renowned, fabulous dog trainers at Fun Paw Care dog training school beginning January 1st, 2010 and continuing once weekly to keep her canine behavior impeccable. She has had dozens of sessions because we understand that learning is in perpetuity and a process and our princess loves to learn during her training sessions with Fun Paw Care! Please feel free to inquire about her abilities and history from them as well. She is an integral part of our family, and we wouldn’t think of treating her any differently than any other loved one.

Fluffy is fully house trained and never has an accident in the home. She is accustomed to going potty on the perfectly manicured grass and getting rewarded for doing so with a nice long walk and some treats or a ball throw.

She is very obedient and loves to train while we are out on our walks. This keeps her heeling at my side and very attentive throughout our walk. She sits at all curbs and whenever I, my wife or kids stop. She is a doll and adds an ineffable amount of love, value, and enrichment to our lives.

She rarely barks, if at all. Only sometimes when she passes gas unexpectedly and thinks it was one of us. She is great with kids and sits or rolls over like a lump of clay waiting to be painted like one of your French girls, or molded into a Picasso. Regardless, my wife or I always supervise interactions with youngsters or my friends’ children.

Paint me like one of your french Girls

Paint me like one of your french girls

Fluffy gets walked four times a day by us and the dog walker and loves basking in the sun and smelling the flowers in the gardens and around the park. Fluffy does not need vigorous exercise due to her brachycephalic breed. When it is hot out we walk along the shaded tree-lined street and always bring water for her and sometimes a wet refrigerated vest which she loves to wear that keeps her as cool as the opposite side of the pillow during the hot months.

Fluffy summers in our house in East Hampton or Martha’s Vineyard. Fluffy thrives when we travel and adores her crate which is her Zen area that we train her with regularly. She adores swimming amongst the many ponds and pools and always wears her life vest and is supervised.

Fluffy snores away during daytime in between when we are gone and when the dog walker comes. She is a calm, cool and collected young lady.

About Us

As former president of the United States of America and a longtime pet parent, we act responsibly, pick up after Fluffy and always have extra dog poop bags to offer friends who forget or run out of bags on the promenade. We continue to take dog behavior and training classes with Fun Paw Care because they are incredible teachers, don’t teach with force and understand learning theory inside and out. Whenever we have a question, we call them because they are incredibly accessible, innovative, responsive and sensitive to catering to our unique needs. They not only teach Fluffy but us, how to understand and communicate effectively through operant and classical conditioning with Fluffy and are incredibly knowledgeable about all things dog and cat. We arrange for Miami dog walking with Fun Paw Care and a pet sitter to come over when we are on vacation visiting other presidents of countries around the world. It puts our minds at ease knowing that the pet professionals at Fun Paw Care are licensed, bonded and insured to the highest degree possible and that we have built a wonderful relationship with them over the years. We always have reliable pet care if we are going out of town or we take Air Force One on the taxpayer’s dollar. Fluffy will be an exemplary role model for other dogs who reside at The Dakota, and if need be, we are willing to put up an additional security deposit to secure her spot in the most prestigious lovely building in town. We have many references which are provided below.

Dog Behavior References

(An organized dog dossier for your pup should include)

Our current HOA, Co-op board, or landlord contact details, may be reached at 305-555-0000. Please also see attached letters of recommendation, certificates, obedience titles, therapy dog designations, service dog information, emotional support animal (ESA) recent letter from a mental health professional, veterinarian bill of health, rabies and vaccination shots up-to-date, license and all other documentation.

Additional References

  • Samuel Prescott Bush
  • Prescott Bush
  • George W. Bush
  • Jeb Bush
  • George P. Bush

We would be ecstatic for you and the board to meet Fluffy at a time convenient for you as long as it is before her 9 PM canine massage, canine aromatherapy and nail buffing bedtime.


Sample Dog Resume/ CV Curriculum Vitae BAD Example

Dogs Name: Killer (nickname: Bad Ass)

Pet Parent: Ron Burgundy

420 Lincoln Road

Miami Florida, Florida 33139

(305) 555-0000

[email protected]

badass golden retriever smoking a pipe with sunglasses on

Killer, AKA: Bad Ass


Dogs name, Killer AKA: Bad Ass. Killer is a 3-year-old, male, Golden Retriever. He likes to chew bones (peoples), and his balls are so large they hang to the floor on hot days. If you look at him the wrong way, he will attack or jump all over you with his dirty paws. It’s really funny! I don’t believe in grooming because he licks himself all the time and does a good job, so why bother brah! Heck, why else would he have a tongue?

He protects me from birds and squirrels, even ones he doesn’t see. Killer ensures I get some exercise every day, which is pretty damn cool. He wrestles with me when I get home from work. I work 10 hour days, so he usually shits and pees in the house by the time I get home, so I am not even in a rush to take him out. He is so considerate that way.

Killer always cleans up around the house, especially when I drop something on the ground like food or drinks. He laps it up like a rabid animal.

I don’t believe in rabies shots or vaccinations. I bought killer from the baddest show dog champion breeder in town. So, naturally, I don’t need to bring him to the veterinarian for checkups or a dog trainer for obedience lessons.

Once in a while, I get these funny little notices under my door asking me to please shut my dog up because he barks all day. I laugh because they obviously don’t know that’s what dogs do!

Skills and Achievements

  • Killer pooped in the refrigerator. Heck, I wasn’t even mad it was amazing!
  • Territory marked in 3 states
  • Got asked to leave a Bring Your Dog to Work Day after he tore a coworkers dress off playing tug of war with it.  Her squealing like a baby, help, get him off, get him off! Only antagonized and encouraged him. She obviously doesn’t know that’s just what dogs do, deal with it!
  • Resource guards me, bed, food, toys, just about anything come to think of it.
  • Paws at you constantly, and has been known to break the skin with his long unclipped nails if you ignore him for long enough. So don’t!
  • He has so many mats he looks Rasta, which is cool cause I love Bob Marley and light up a J daily.
  • Headbutts you if you dare ignore him.
  • I don’t know what it is about elevators, but he loves pooping in them. But we have a concierge to clean it, right? So, no biggie.
  • Killed several squirrels and a duck once (the duck was only the result of confusion, Killer mistook it for a squirrel, no harm no foul, we all make mistakes)
  • Gets very excited and his lipstick pokes out whenever he gets belly rubbed or sees a hot bitch walk by (especially Chihuahua, he LOVES Chihuahuas) I’m not sure if it’s because of his freakishly strong immutable prey drive or that he just loves the shorties like his pop, whatevs.
  • Coprophagia  (dines on poop) prefers hard ones
  • Went to the beach. The water tasted terrible and gave him diarrhea
  • Consumed an entire loaf of bread and my Chinese food, obtained while counter surfing in under 10 seconds. Pretty impressive if you ask me, just sayin’
  • Ate an entire wheel of cheese and got stuck in the refrigerator, barked until neighbors complained and called me and I came home to set him free. Such a smart boy!
  • He howls when I play my guitar late at night. It’s so cute; I think he wants to be part of my band. You are welcome to come over, smoke a blunt and sing with us.

Health and Grooming

It’s hysterical, you don’t have to see Killer to know he is even around you! His stench is so pungent if you accidentally pet him the oily residue on your hands will smell like a wet dog for the entire day even after you try and wash your hands. He is a smelly pirate hooker (in a good way).

As a carrion-eating animal, I believe he should smell like he wants to. As for his hair, he has dreads, no need for a groomer.

Dog Training and Behavior

  • He loves to hump other dogs and never listens to a word I say, which is cool by me.
  • He only pees and shits in the house when we have guests over and loud music playing. He once chewed through a metal crate, which I was not mad at because it was quite impressive.
  • I am the leader of the dog pack as seen on a reality television show. I watched at least 100 episodes on how to dominate a dog from a short Mexican guy with really white veneers.
  • Bad Ass generally marauds around the neighborhood off-leash looking to get into trouble. The cool thing about letting Killer off-leash is that I never have to clean up his poop (cause I never see him do it)Ya know, out of sight out of mind bruh! Wink, wink.  And the way he scares the heck out of people, especially little kids, is priceless. Watching them run away from him yelling and crying cracks me up.
  • He is super-fast and chases just about anything that moves: people, cars, bikes, rollerblades, joggers, skateboards, cats, babies, busses, and once tried to chase a boat in the water.
  • He attended a dog obedience class but got thrown out because the dog trainer was discriminating against him for humping the human and dog next to us. It was cute.
  • I believe dogs are miniature wolves so they should be able to survive city life on their own. I don’t want no wimp of a dog who needs me too much!
  • I like my dog to have that badass look, so he wears a big chain-link collar and a shirt that says ”Bitches love me.”
  • We watch reality television show host Cesar Millan because we strongly believe in bullying others into submission and I require my subordinates to be dominated.
  • You ought to see how many times he marks his territory on a walk. He’s amazing. He must mark and pee over 50 times before we even get out of a building!
  • When we go for walks, he yanks and pulls me all around town which is fine by me cause dogs do that kinda shit.

About Us

We are naturalists, and he helps me pick up women when they aren’t deterred by his odor.  Killer only has an occasional tick and flea, that I see. Don’t act like you’re not impressed. Give us a call BRAH!


Your future neighbor and proud doggie daddy,

Ron Burgundy and Killer Bad Ass, Woofs (You’ll be hearing a lot of those) 

Dog Behavior References

My mom (I think)

Additional References

  • Veronica Corningstone
  • Brick Tamland
  • Champ Kind
  • Brian Fantana
  • Ed Harken
  • Garth Holliday

When moving with your dog, cat or pet, a dog resume and cover letter could mean the difference between getting the home of your dreams and squat! It comes down to a family’s preparation, and your dog’s behavior and training skills. Don’t delay!

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